Maternity Fashion 101

Let’s check the maternity style fashion trends

Maternity fashion

Dealing with the body’s physiologic and anatomic changes during pregnancy can drive women crazy. What complicates it more is dealing with styling their constantly growing body shape for the next nine months. To avoid additional stress, do not overthink or suddenly change personal styles due to pregnancy.

In the past years, maternity fashion focused on concealing the baby bump but recently, the trends have dramatically changed.
Let the maternity enhance your natural, blooming beauty and pregnancy glow through fashion.

Just right for each pregnancy body type

For those exhibiting even weight distribution

When weight gain is evenly distributed across the entire body, and not just the bump, it is best to choose a longer and leaner look. This can be achieved by a soft, A-line dress with long sleeves that will give an elongated silhouette. A long, light dress partnered with a long cardigan or a coat will, likewise, create an illusion of an elongated frame.

For those with low baby bumps

When the baby bump is sitting low within the belly, just above the hips, an outfit that is soft on the waist is considered flattering. The objective is to draw attention to the face, thus partnering the outfit with a cropped jacket or cardigan is suitable.

For those with high baby bumps

When the baby bump is bigger and high, just under the bust, an empire cut dress should be considered. Accessorizing a soft dress with a belt can also look attractive. Another ideal outfit to consider can also be a stylish wrap-around maternity dress.

For the petite moms-to-be

When a naturally thin frame is maintained and the baby weight just goes to the bump, a fitted style is perfect. A bodycon maternity dress will be able to embrace the slim frame and accentuate the baby bump. Of all the pregnancy body types, horizontal stripes fit the petite to a T.

Pregnant Fashion Trends

Oversized maternity dresses that used to be comfortable but are not so fashionable now are considered archaic, as maternity fashion are now more stylish than ever. Current styles allow for women to show off their amazing baby bump nowadays. Maternity trends have introduced new styles. Just check out your favorite celebrities to see new pregnant fashion trends.

Dresses: T-shirt dresses, pencil-cut dresses, maxi dresses

Jeans: Skinny and cropped styles, boyfriend styles, low-rise styles

Pants and Leggings: Slim trousers, cigarette pants, leggings

Skirts: Midiskirts, classic pencil skirts, miniskirts and statement styles (e.g., skirts with slit, leather designs, etc.)

Coats: Light & long coats over fitted dress or short, thick coats partnered with skinny jeans

Belts: thick belts with buckle that sit over the belly bump or skinny belts partnered with low-rise jeans

Swimwear: one-piece swimsuits with a low-cut bodice in a classic contour – play with patterns, prints and colors or even go for two-piece bikinis to let the baby bump breathe 

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