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What’s vertigo?


I’m dizzy. I seem to be losing my balance. 
I’m dizzy. It’s like I’m floating.

Talking with the doctor

Consult Your Doctor for Proper Diagnosis & Treatment.
A clear description of symptoms will help doctors make a diagnosis.

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Vertigo is often described by patients as a false sense of rotational movement. Many patients who experience vertigo feel lost, frustrated, and confused1. There are two main types of vertigo2: If vertigo arises from a disorder of the ear and the structures around it, it is called peripheral vertigo. On the contrary, if the sensation arises…


While a vertigo episode can arise suddenly and violently, its symptoms can be reduced by adopting appropriate responses. Developing the correct behaviors for vertigo attack management can help reduce stress and anxiety in future episodes. Simple tips to adopt in case of a vertigo attack Lie still in a quiet, dark room to reduce the…


Vertigo is not an independent disease. There are several disease and drug related side-effects that can cause vertigo1. This is why it is so important to consult a specialist in time: only a doctor can diagnose the true cause of vertigo and prescribe treatment. Conditions in the inner ear Most of the time, vertigo is…

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