As the mother awaits the coming of her bundle of joy

she prepares for the many changes with her body and with her skin.

First trimester of pregnancy

Why do I feel tired and nauseous during the first weeks of pregnancy? As soon as you conceive, the estrogen and progesterone in your blood increase, causing certain physiological changes. Throughout your pregnancy, your hormones will work constantly to signal your body to make the necessary changes for your baby and prepare your body for…

second trimester of pregnancy

I experienced really bad morning sickness during the first trimester, will I feel tired and nauseous for the rest of the pregnancy? You will experience nausea and fatigue mostly during the first trimester because of the initial spike of hormones. In the second trimester, your body will have adjusted to the dramatic increase of estrogen…

Third trimester pregnancy

My belly is really heavy, and I’m always short of breath when I move, is everything alright? As you approach the birth of your child, you will notice that your pregnancy is becoming quite physically and emotionally demanding. Many women will feel uncomfortable due to their baby’s size and position, tending to cause shortness of…

Healthy baby pregnancy skin

As the mother awaits the arrival of her bundle of joy, she’s also preparing for the many changes in her skin. She wishes to stay healthy yet project that glowing beauty while keeping the baby healthy and safe as well. Beauty Ingredients To Avoid During Pregnancy Aluminum chloride hexahydrate and aluminum chlorohydrate – found in…

Maternity fashion

Let’s check the maternity style fashion trends Dealing with the body’s physiologic and anatomic changes during pregnancy can drive women crazy. What complicates it more is dealing with styling their constantly growing body shape for the next nine months. To avoid additional stress, do not overthink or suddenly change personal styles due to pregnancy. In…

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