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When it comes to health, old sayings apply. Health is wealth. Prevention is better than cure. Knowledge is power.

Handling hypertension

How will I know if I have hypertension? Consult your doctor. It is important to have your blood pressure checked regularly. If blood pressure is more than 140/90 mm/Hg on at least 3 occasions, you have hypertension. My BP is 160/86 and I don’t feel anything. When should I follow up? It is recommended that…

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Facts about fat

Why should I worry about cholesterol? What should I do? Food rich in saturated fats raise the level of bad cholesterol, or Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), in the blood. People who consume large amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol have a high risk for heart attack or stroke. It is recommended for all adults by…

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Dealing with diabetes

My uncle has diabetes. Am I at risk too? Close to 1 in 3 adults diabetic by 2025, says Malaysia Health Minister (New Straits Time, March 26, 2019) Consult your doctor for the early detection and control of diabetes. “I am 42 years old, but I don’t notice anything unusual in my body.” Undergoing testing…

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risk factors of heart disease

Heart disease can have many risk factors. They are of two types: contributing risk factors and major risk factors. The contributing risk factors increase the possibility of having heart diseases, unlike major risk factors which are proven to increase heart disease in most of the patients. In this article, we will broaden our understanding of…

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Information about heart disease

Heart disease is a type of cardiovascular disorder that covers the deformities or issues related to the heart. It is the leading cause of death in many countries. The problems related to the heart can be congenital or caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. It has various forms and can be treated by maintaining a healthy…

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know the major risk factors of heart disease

Heart disease can have many risk factors. These risk factors could be behavioral or congenital. Here in this article, we try to enlist major risk factors for heart disease that are responsible for heart diseases in most of the patients. We will look deep into these factors so that we can understand ways to avoid…

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