Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. It’s a season of celebration as she nurtures a new life in her womb. We aim for a positive pregnancy experience. How? What is “positive pregnancy experience”? The mother and the baby are healthy. The risks and possible illnesses she may experience during pregnancy are identified…


Good prenatal care is extremely important Here are some of the essential examinations done during pre-natal check-ups: Urine analysis. Doctors check the urine for any sign of infection. They ensure that the urinary tract is sterile. Urinary tract infection is common in pregnancy and may come without symptoms. Both the mother and the newborn are at…


Make sure to pack your things for the hospital days before your expected date, as you may be in labor any time. Have your bag ready with the following items: Mommy’s things: Clothes – sleep wear, robe, going home outfit Toiletries – napkins Hair Care – clips or hair bands Baby’s things: Clothes – tie sides, bonnets,…

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