“An Apple a Day?”

benefits of eat apple per day

As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Is this true? What are the health benefits of apples? We can answer these by knowing what’s in an apple and what are the recommendations for us to get the most from this fruit.

Understand first what “Percent Daily Value (%DV)” means. It is the percentage of the recommended daily intake that can be provided by one serving of the food item. Consider 1 small-sized apple (2-3 inches diameter or 149 grams) as one serving. This amount contains 3.6 grams dietary fiber and the %DV is 14%. This means 1 small-sized apple can supply 14% of our daily dietary fiber needs. The recommended fiber intake per day is at least 25 grams and one small-sized apple has 3.6 grams fiber in it (3.6 is 14% of 25.7). Fiber helps lower the risks of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cancers.

Vitamins. In one small-sized apple, there is 6.9 mg of Vitamin C (11 %DV). Other select vitamins include: Vitamin K 3.3 mcg (4 %DV), Vitamin B6 0.1 mg 3 %DV, Vitamin A 80.5 IU (2 %DV) and Folate 4.5 mcg (1 %DV).

Minerals. Top minerals in a small-sized apple are: potassium 159 mg (5 %DV), manganese 0.1 mg (3 %DV), magnesium 7.5 mg (2 %DV), phosphorus 16.4 mg (2 % DV), calcium 8.9 mg (1 %DV) and iron 0.2 mg (1 %DV).

Apple skin. Do you peel off apples and throw away the skin? Apple skin contains some amount of beta-carotene that helps maintain good eyesight and vision. It also has insoluble fiber that promotes smoother bowel movement. There is also soluble fiber, a component that helps lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Four (4) grams of the molecule quercetin is also contained in the skin of a medium-sized apple. This molecule is an anti-oxidant that helps fight cancer.

Apples are free of fats, sodium and cholesterols. Nutrition experts recommend two servings of fruits daily (1 serving= 45 to 300 grams). One small apple (149 grams) is one serving of this fruit.

“A small apple or two a day helps keep the doctor away?”. Yes, indeed.

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