everybody sleeps

Everybody Sleeps

How much sleep should we get each night? A Sesame Street song expressed an important fact, “Everybody sleeps, every night we close our eyes, until the morning creeps.” To stay healthy and maintain well-being, we need ample sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to diseases of the heart and mind like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and depression. The American Academy of…

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fats in the liver and exercise

Exercise 101 and Fats in the Liver

You don’t drink alcohol but you’ve been told that fat accumulates in your liver. Fatty liver is linked to diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Exercises and diet can help mobilize and take away fat from the liver. Types of Exercise. Exercise is movement of the body that use up energy. It is an…

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Search internet health info

Internet Health Info, Should We?

Why people search the net and what are the risks There is a shout out circulating in social media. “For those who self-diagnosed their symptoms on Google can have the second opinion on Yahoo.” People with health conditions turn to online resources to help manage their illness. Why? What’s prompting patients to do this? Problem. …

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health benefits of walking

Walk for a cause

The health benefits of walking Health experts have proven that increased regular physical activity lowers the risks of diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. The recommendation is 30 minutes of regular moderate intensity exercise on most, if not all days of the week. There are various forms of these exercises and physical activities, but for now,  let’s focus…

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benefits of eat apple per day

“An Apple a Day?”

As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Is this true? What are the health benefits of apples? We can answer these by knowing what’s in an apple and what are the recommendations for us to get the most from this fruit. Understand first what “Percent Daily Value (%DV)” means. It…

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