Moments to Treasure

Me and My Bump

pregnancy silhouette and shadows picture

Creative Solos

Beside the classic belly profile pose be creative with standing, sitting and lounging poses from all angles and points of view

– Silhouette and Shadows
– Capture the drama of your silhouette and the secrets of your shadows
– All Belly
– Close-up and zoom shots of your amazing baby bump
– Be Silly
– After the serious shots, time to get wacky! 

Me and My Honey

pregnancy and husband sweet moments

Hugs and Kisses

Capture the sincere expressions of a hug from behind or a side hug and kisses on the lips, cheek, forehead and a tender kiss on the baby bump!

Sweet Moments

Stand face to face and then back to back; try sitting and lying down poses; hold hands and put hand on cheeks for a soft touch and hand on belly for a show of brimming emotions 

Funny Bones

Hold the drama and get a little silly to have fun and show off your personalities

The Bump & The Sibs

pregnancy the bump and the sibs

Belly hugs: Have your children hug your belly.

Belly kisses: Let them plant sweet kisses on the bump.

Belly, belly fun: Have fun with the bunch of sibs.

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