What causes constipation?


Constipation usually happens when stool have been in the bowel for too long, and water from them is re-absorbed by the body.
This can make the stool hard and dry, and difficult to pass.1

There are many things that can cause constipation in adults. Sometimes there’s no obvious reason for it.3

The most common causes include:3

  • Not eating enough fiber – such as fruit, vegetables and cereals
  • Not drinking enough fluids
  • Not exercising enough
  • Ignoring the urge to go to the toilet – sometimes referred to as ‘withholding’
  • Changing your diet or daily routine
  • Stress, anxiety or depression

Certain medications are known to cause constipation. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any other medicines that may explain your symptoms.

In much rarer cases, constipation may be caused by a medical condition.3

Constipation is common in new mums and mums-to-be.


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